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The grand bookshelf speaker of the Gato Audio FM series will knock your socks off with its huge soundstage and headroom.

The Chameleon

Big brother FM-15 offers a respectable 15 liters of internal volume and a powerful yet delicate 6” bass/midrange providing is great rich, tight bass response and huge soundstage even in bigger rooms. It will fit well on a cupboard, on a bookshelf or even better on a pair of dedicated speaker stands. It is a speaker that will grow with the job.

FM-15 is designed as the chameleon of the FM range of speakers. It is a discrete beautiful crafted speaker that is easy to fit into any living room and yet easily fills the room with great sounding music. It is an easy load and will work well with most amplifiers but the better you treat it in respect of placement, amplification, cables and source material – the better the performance will be. It can go from good Hi-Fi to true High End in the blink of an eye.

Technische Daten:


Frequenzgang40 Hz – 35kHz 
Wirkungsgrad (2,83v)86 dB
empfohlene Verstärkerleistung
50 - 200Watts
Impedanz4 Ohm
Anschlüssevergoldete Polklemmen für 
4 mm Bananas / Bi-Wiring


Hochtöner38 mm Ring Radiator, Feritte Magnet
Tief/Mitteltöner170 mm Mineral Cone, optimierter Schwingspule

Gewicht & Abmessungen

Gewicht11,5 Kg