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Our small and discrete floorstanding speaker does not only feature an unprecedented style and elegance, but also a full blown high end performance.


30 liters of volume supporting three optimised 5” drivers delivers not only a crisp clear and dynamic midrange but also an impulse perfect tight bass response, which will leave you puzzled how it is even possible to achieve such a grand sound from such a discrete and stylish speaker. The FM-30 is nothing short of a unicorn in the world of loudspeakers.

The design criteria for this small self-supporting speaker was of course to create the best possible performance that would satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. However it was also important to us to create a stylish and elegant looking design aesthetic that would enhance a modern style multifunctional living room. The FM-30 meets and exceeds both goals.


Technische Daten:

Frequenzgang37 Hz – 35kHz 
Wirkungsgrad (2,83v)87 dB
empfohlene Verstärkerleistung
50 - 250Watts
Impedanz4 Ohm
Anschlüssevergoldete Polklemmen für 
4 mm Bananas / Bi-Wiring


Hochtöner38 mm Ring Radiator, Feritte Magnet


150 mm Mineral Cone, optimierter Schwingspule                           

Tieftöner                                                        2 x 150 mm Mineral Cone, optimierte Schwingspule

Gewicht & Abmessungen

Gewicht29 Kg