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Discrete Workhorse

The FM-9 on-wall speaker features 9 liters of internal sealed volume to serve the specially adapted 6” bass/midrange driver. This speaker is specifically designed to hang on the wall, so uses the wall behind the speaker to enhance the low frequency range and dynamics. The FM-9 will impress even a critical listener with its full bodied sound and precise soundstage, even in a less than ideal listening room.

We designed the FM-9 as small and discrete as possible without compromising the performance and the quality. The curved sides and rear makes the speaker look like it is floating rather than being joined to the wall. The performance is secured by the adaptation of internal technics from the FM-15 bookshelf speaker but modified to accommodate the support of a close rear wall and the acoustics surrounding it. The FM-9 will be a workhorse in a stereo system, in a full surround system or as support as rear speakers in a larger multichannel setup.

Easy Wall Mounting

The slimline and elegant FM9 can be mounted on a wall using the integrated ”keyhole” brackets and just two screws. This mounting bracket is located on the back of the speaker so ensures invisble and easy mounting. Simply follow the supplied drawing and installation guide or use the drill hole template for even easier installation. Four rubber damping pads are supplied to ensure that the speaker will not created unwanted resonances against the wall.

Technische Daten:


Frequenzgang45 Hz – 35kHz 
Wirkungsgrad (2,83v)86 dB
empfohlene Verstärkerleistung
50 - 200Watts
Impedanz4 Ohm
Anschlüssevergoldete Polklemmen für 
4 mm Bananas 



Hochtöner38 mm Ring Radiator, Feritte Magnet
Tief/Mitteltöner170 mm Mineral Cone, optimierter Schwingspule

Gewicht & Abmessungen

Gewicht10 Kg