EAT Audio Phono Vor-Verstärker

E.A.T. LPS Linear Power Supply

Elegant power supply. We at E.A.T. strongly believe that power supply is a part of signal path and the quality of power supply extremely significantly contribute to the sound quality. It is done without any compromise.

Full bridge rectifying use for ultra-fast diodes followed with 8800uF filtration bank. Voltage regulator is fully discrete. No operational amplifier is used. Voltage reference is TL431. This all result in very low noise and perfect regulation. In many aspects it also over-performing battery power supply. Ripple voltage is lower than 1 microvolt! Voltage accuracy is better than ± 0,05%. The temperature drift is beyond every level of standard power supplies. LPS is Dedicated for E.A.T. phono stages and turntables.

– Dual output – Clean power supply – Two separate power supplies in one! – RFI eliminated from mains – Elegant looks

||E.A.T. LPS Linear power supply technical information
Model E.A.T. LPS Linear Power Supply
Input Power supply 120V or 230V AC
Output voltage / current 1 × 15V/2A ± 0,05%, noise max. 10uV
Output voltage / current 1 × 18V/1.5A ± 0,05%, noise max 1uV
Supplied cables 1 × 15V 2.1mm (for E.A.T. C-Sharp, EAT C-Major and all Pro-Ject turntables) 1 × 15V XLR 4Pin (for E.A.T. E-Flat, E.A.T. Forte S*) 1 × 18V 2.5mm (for E.A.T. E-Glo S, EAT Forte* and all Pro-Ject Phono products except Phono Box RS and AD Box S2 Phono)
Dimensions W × H × D 435 × 60 × 272 mm
Available in Silver
Weight 4900 g
Supplied cables 1 × 15V 2.1mm (for EAT C-Sharp, EAT C-Major and all Pro-Ject DC turntables)
Supplied cables 1 × 15V XLR 4Pin (for EAT E-Flat, EAT Forte S*)
Supplied cables 1 × 18V 2.5mm (for EAT E-Glo S, EAT Forte* and all Pro-Ject Phono products except Phono Box RS and AD Box S2 Phono)
Supplied cables 1 × 18V 2.1mm with longer connector shaft 14mm for Pro-Ject Xtension turntables

E.A.T. E-Glo Petit

Elegant high-end smaller sibling of the award winning E-Glo S!

E-Glo Petit is the small sibling of the highly acclaimed and award winning E-Glo S. With its fully discreet, OpAmp-less design, we were able to achieve an outstanding sound in a small and compact form factor. Stunning dynamics, a clear midrange and high resolution definition is what makes E-Glo Petit punch way above its weight.

Hybrid tube design with 12AX7 tubes
MM & MC capability
Precise RIAA equalisation
Adjustable impedance and capacitance
Subsonic filter switchable
Fully discrete circuitry
Advanced power supply
Aluminium casing with wooden side panels

With our special designed power supply we enabled the tubes to stay „hot“ at all times. That ensures that they perform at their maximum during the entire listening session. We have put a lot of time and effort in getting the power supply just right for E-Glo Petit. As we believe it is a critical and important part of the signal path. Therefore we designed it to be regulated and well filtrated for better performance of the complete package. With the use of very special low noise J-FET transistors of the type 2SK209 in a quad-setup, E-Glo Petit reached its incredible and unique Signal to Noise Ratio of 87 decibels. No other tube phono preamplifier on the market is even getting near those results.
E.A.T. E-Glo Petit phono pre-amplifier technical information
Model E.A.T. E-Glo Petit
Input impedance (low) 10, 18, 43, 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200 Ohm
Input impedance (high) 30, 36, 42, 47, 53, 59, 65, 75 kOhm
Load capacity 50, 150, 270, 370, 520, 620 pF
Output impedance 100 ohms
Gain 40, 45, 50, 60, 65, 70 dB
Noise floor 87 dB (A weighted), 70 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
THD 0,15% 5mV/1kHz gain=45dB
RIAA accuracy within 0.1dB/20Hz – 20kHz
Subsonic @20Hz with 18dB octave
Input RCA
Output RCA
Power consumption 450 mA DC, <0.5W standby
Dimensions W × H × D 226 × 78 × 262 mm

EAT E-Glo Phonovorverstärker

E-Glo ist eine reine Röhrenkonstruktion, im Signalweg vollständig frei von Transistoren. Seine Röhrenausstattung besteht aus den klassischen und von Audiophilen geliebten Varianten: Vier ECC83 und zwei ECC88. Die Verwendung dieser Röhren stellt sicher, dass die Versorgung mit Ersatzröhren stets sichergestellt ist, während Experimentieren mit anderen Modellen jene durchaus empfohlen wird, die den Klang ihres Systems durch den Austausch der Röhren zum Beispiel gegen die Premiumangebote von EAT gerne feinabstimmen möchten.

Eine eigene Stromversorgung speist die Phono-Röhrenvorstufe, weil der beste Weg, einen Leistungstransformator gegen elektromagnetische Strahlung abzuschirmen, darin besteht, einen möglichst großen Abstand zur Elektronik zu bewahren Metallschirmung allein kann diese Aufgabe nicht so gut erfüllen wie eine eigene Stromversorgung. Der E-Glo von EAT ist eine State-of-the-Art Phono-Vorstufe, welche aus jedem Tonabnehmer, mit welchem sie zusammenarbeiten soll, die ultimative Leistung herausholt.

EAT E-Glo S Tube Phono Preamplifier

Elegant high-end tube phono pre-amplifier with ultra slim design!

E-glo S – is a hybrid phono preamplifier that utIlizes ECC83 tubes (twin triode) in the first and second gain stages In order to get higher gain and lower noise we use in the first stage a cascode connection of tube with with two paralelly connected low-noise J-FET transistors.

RIAA curve is equalised fully passive and splitted in two steps which allows to achieve perfect impedance matching between the gain stage and equalization block. Phono preamplifier doesn’t have any global feedback. It has a massive aluminium chassis, large possibility of adjusting the impedance, capacity and gain. It has subsonic filter with mild effect which doesn’t affect audible frequencies in unpleasant way.

A very important part is the advanced power supply that uses anode voltage regulation and a well filtrated voltage. Filtration is in three steps, this result is a perfect S/N ratio and undisturbed musical experience.

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