Gato Audio

Gato Audio

AMP-150 High End Integrated Amplifier

An integrated amplifier of the highest aesthetic, technical and audio reproductive quality. Beautiful, simple and functional by design. As easy as childs play to operate. Resourceful enough to hold the most power-hungry speakers in a viselike grip, yet at the same time musical, respectful and authentic.

DIA-400S High End Integrated Amplifier/DAC

The reference in Class-D amplification just got even better! The Gato Audio DIA-400S is all about merging the best sound quality with the best and most versatile features.S is for „Super“ . The all new Gato Audio DIA-400S has been thoroughly updated compared to the standard DIA-400. We wanted to get the performance even closer to that of our AMP-150 integrated amplifier but keeping all the versatile features and even adding a high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver. The DIA-400S has not only become one of the best sounding Class-D amplifiers but also the most flexible available.

DIA-250S High End Integrated Amplifier/DAC

The Gato Audio DIA-250S is the school example of how to merge excellent sound quality, perfect design, profound electrical circuits and aptX Bluetooth technology. S is for „Super“ – this brand new amplifier may look like the standard DIA-250 amplifier we introduced three years ago, but in fact we put more than a years work into improve every part of the DIA-250s already fantastic award winning performance.


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