Gato Audio

AMP-150 AE High End Integrated Amplifier

Multi award winning integrated amplifier, Editors Choices, Best Buy and Outstanding Excellence from leading audio media. Our reference of integrated amplifiers.

DIA-400S High End Integrated Amplifier/DAC

The reference in Class-D amplification just got even better! The Gato Audio DIA-400S is all about merging the best sound quality with the best and most versatile features.S is for „Super“ . The all new Gato Audio DIA-400S has been thoroughly updated compared to the standard DIA-400. We wanted to get the performance even closer to that of our AMP-150 integrated amplifier but keeping all the versatile features and even adding a high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver. The DIA-400S has not only become one of the best sounding Class-D amplifiers but also the most flexible available.

DIA-250S High End Integrated Amplifier/DAC

The Gato Audio DIA-250S is the school example of how to merge excellent sound quality, perfect design, profound electrical circuits and aptX Bluetooth technology. S is for „Super“ – this brand new amplifier may look like the standard DIA-250 amplifier we introduced three years ago, but in fact we put more than a years work into improve every part of the DIA-250s already fantastic award winning performance.

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