Kalista DreamPlay STREAMER

KALISTA DreamPlay Streamer

DreamPlay Streamer, the universal digital audio source

Kalista is the only brand offering a streamer with gorgeous looks, with perfect functionality. DreamPlay STREAM is made for the most demanding audiophile.

This streamer is fully able

DreamPlay STREAM can stream any kind of content from your servers, computers, smarthphones, and of course links to the best online services.

Technical Characteristics

Streaming : DLNA-UPNP, Room-ready, AirPlay, Tidal, Quobuz, Deezer, Spotify Premium, vTuner
Digital Inputs : ethernet, USB
Digital Output AES/EBU
Integrated D/A conversion
Analog Outputs : RCA and XLR
Power supply including 8 independants regulated lines
Weight / dimensions : 5 kg / 400 x50 x 270mm

Silent base
Katri tripod stand
Customization on request

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