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FM-8 - 2-way Passive Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Compact Perfomance
The FM-8 sets new standards in the world of small speakers, and with only 8 litres of internal volume and a total height of just 300mm it fits perfectly on a bookshelf or on a TV bench. However, the FM-8 cleverly provides the full, rich sound of a bigger speaker with the intimacy, precision and coherent soundstage that small two-way speakers are so famous for.

FM-9 - 2-way Passive On-Wall Loudspeaker

Discrete Workhorse
The FM-9 on-wall speaker features 9 liters of internal sealed volume to serve the specially adapted 6” bass/midrange driver. This speaker is specifically designed to hang on the wall, so uses the wall behind the speaker to enhance the low frequency range and dynamics. The FM-9 will impress even a critical listener with its full bodied sound and precise soundstage, even in a less than ideal listening room.

We designed the FM-9 as small and discrete as possible without compromising the performance and the quality. The curved sides and rear makes the speaker look like it is floating rather than being joined to the wall. The performance is secured by the adaptation of internal technics from the FM-15 bookshelf speaker but modified to accommodate the support of a close rear wall and the acoustics surrounding it. The FM-9 will be a workhorse in a stereo system, in a full surround system or as support as rear speakers in a larger multichannel setup.

FM-15 - 2-way Passive Bookshelf Loudspeaker

The Chameleon
Big brother FM-15 offers a respectable 15 liters of internal volume and a powerful yet delicate 6” bass/midrange providing is great rich, tight bass response and huge soundstage even in bigger rooms. It will fit well on a cupboard, on a bookshelf or even better on a pair of dedicated speaker stands. It is a speaker that will grow with the job.

FM-30 - 3-way Passive Floorstanding Speaker

30 liters of volume supporting three optimised 5” drivers delivers not only a crisp clear and dynamic midrange but also an impulse perfect tight bass response, which will leave you puzzled how it is even possible to achieve such a grand sound from such a discrete and stylish speaker. The FM-30 is nothing short of a unicorn in the world of loudspeakers.

The design criteria for this small self-supporting speaker was of course to create the best possible performance that would satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. However it was also important to us to create a stylish and elegant looking design aesthetic that would enhance a modern style multifunctional living room. The FM-30 meets and exceeds both goals.

FM-50 - 3-way Passive Floorstanding Speaker

A Soundstage Projector
Two 6” optimised dedicated bass drivers and a total volume of 50 liters are the basis of the superb performance of this grand floorstanding loudspeaker. The FM-50 will impress you in all disciplines; it has a super tight bass response, a smooth detailed and dynamic midrange together with a crisp clear resonance free treble. Best of all; it offers unpa­ralleled coherency and soundstage projection precision.

With this speaker we did not just set out to create a great loudspeaker. We set out to create a “soundstage projector” that would simply disappear in the world of great music and great recordings. It can reproduce any instrument in a lifelike and dynamic way, but also transport the listener to the emotion, acoustic environment and energy of the venue where the music was recorded.

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