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The “CLASSIC LINE by Screen Research” is a brand new range of video projection screens, for price sensitive home theater applications with superior design, quality and features.

The “Classic Line by Screen Research” is an affordable range of video projection screens that includes fixed screens for dedicated rooms, as well as on-wall/ in-ceiling motorized screen, with no compromise to quality, design or features. This product line is targeting the “price sensitive” home theater market looking for high-quality video projection screens.

The launch of new high-quality projectors at a more competitive price, together with the fast growing availability of High-Definition programs, has pushed the demand for no compromise high-quality video projection screens at a much more affordable price than ever before. The “Classic Line by Screen Research” has been designed to target that market and bring a very competitive offer in that market segment.

The product line offers, together with an easy-to-configure and fast-to-install options, a lot of advanced design features unmatched before at that price category: automatic adjustable tab-tensioning system, high precision black borders applied with high frequency welding; vibration proof and silent stop motors, crease-proof, fold-free rolling mechanism, fast-mount constant Elastic tensioning system for fixed frames are just examples of the attention to detail and quality that is brought to this product line.


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